ISTA Szkoła Tańca Irlandzkiego
ISTA Feis in Cracow 2008
ISTA Feis in Cracow 2008

Thank you very much for supporting our fourth annual feis in Cracow. We hope that you had a great time, dancing and meeting old and new friends from all over the Europe.

On 2013 ISTA School hosts Oireachtas Rince na hEorpa and Feis na hEorpa - Mainland Europe Irish Dancing Championships (16th-17th November 2013). Looking forward to see you in Cracow!

Anna & Magda



Feis Photos:

For additional information (orders, payments) please contact our official feis photographer.

Our kind sponsors:

- AKCES dance
- Studio Tańca Romy Jakubowskiej
- Tanner's Pub

Launch Feis Gallery - Cracow 2010

Launch Feis Gallery - Cracow 2009

Launch Feis Gallery - Cracow 2008

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